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Hybridoma expression
Updatetime: 2021-12-22
Achieve the highest results in the development and manufacture of novel antibodies or equivalents
DIB supplements and media for hybridoma cell culture performed well in almost all systems. We support our diagnostic industry partners, placing special emphasis on each scale of their processes to find the most comfortable solution.
Advantage in
· Animal-free, serum-free, protein-free and ready-to-use formulations
· Easy to expand to large capacity culture
· Supports suspended and stationary hybrid tumors and myeloma
· Can be customized through our supplements and packaging
Hybridoma cells enable mAb production
Hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies have created a multi-billion dollar industry. The technique is based on the fusion of B lymphocytes and tumor cells. The result of this fusion is called a hybridoma, an immortal cell that produces certain antibodies.
Although other platforms have been developed, hybridoma technology has been available for more than 45 years in mAb studies, and even mass perfusion cultures are still widely used. Our products have been developed to meet the needs of our diagnostic and biopharmaceutical customers.
Hybridoma Plus
HybridomaPlus provides the simplest and safest solution for the production of different antibodies using recombinant myeloma lines and traditional hybridomas. Ready-to-use HybridomaPlus medium contains no animal source, serum and protein. It also does not contain any factors or mediators that might complicate downstream processing and purification of the final product, thus providing a perfect environment for cell culture.
The medium was developed specifically to meet the needs of biotechnology manufacturing, supporting rapid initial cell growth and high levels of antibody expression.
Hybridoma supplements
Our hybrid tumor supplement is a growth promoting supplement that contains insulin, ethanolamine, hydrocortisone, retinoic acid and other factors.
Hybridoma Supplement replaces previously used feeder cells, thereby eliminating disadvantages such as overgrowth of newly formed hybridomas, possible pollution, nutrient competition, and changes in growth factor concentrations.
Our hybridoma supplement can be used in serum-free media. The low protein content is beneficial to the isolation and purification of antibodies, thus improving the efficiency of fusion growth and hybridoma cloning.
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