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Quality management system
Updatetime: 2021-12-22
Competence, commitment and improvement
DIB is committed to being a trusted partner for every life science customer. We are regularly audited and certified by independent organizations to continuously improve our quality system as well as our standards, processes and products.
Our certification
· Customer focus through commitment and flexibility
· Highest standards of production, quality and documentation
· Permanent process and efficiency improvements
Our quality policy includes:
The customer is the focus:
We want to ensure and continuously improve customer satisfaction. Customer's judgment plays a decisive role in product quality.
Employees are critical:
Every employee contributes to ensuring our quality standards; The commitment of employees at all levels is vital to improving the quality of our products.
Transparent planning and control of all processes:
We ensure that all quality and safety-related activities are planned, controlled and monitored in accordance with laws and official regulations.
Wrong policy:
We follow the zero error principle. We place special emphasis on avoiding mistakes rather than finding them.
The company meets the requirements of quality management system and continuous improvement process.
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