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Powder processing
Updatetime: 2021-12-22
Done with the highest accuracy
We manufacture our powder products through the Fast Track program or through our fully documented ISO 13485 certified quality system to support you at every stage of the process.
Advantage in
Complete documentation from raw material to final product
Clear and homogeneous grinding and blending
Excellent solubility of powdery medium
Expand final product analysis as required
Powder manufacturing
We have formed a joint venture with a partner to produce powder media for our biopharmaceutical customers. Founded in 2020, the powder plant employs the latest grinding and mixing technology, thus providing our customers with completely uniform powder media from 0.7 to 2000 kg batch sizes.
Manufacturing process
We use the most advanced cooling needle mill and air classifier. High air velocity features temperature-controlled grinding to minimize impact on temperature-sensitive components. Fineness of the final product is determined by an air classifier and depends on particle size. The critical particle size is precisely defined to achieve excellent medium solubility. Several taper mixers of different sizes ensure a consistent mixing process from small to large quantities. The result is a high-quality, free-flowing, easily soluble and completely homogeneous powder. The whole environment is air grade controlled by the latest technology.
Our two product lines, namely the Fast Track Program or our fully documented ISO 13485 quality program, are manufactured in two separate production environments.
From raw material selection to finished product, the whole process conforms to THE EU-GMP guidelines. This saves our customers valuable time and facilitates the regulatory submission process for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
Cleaning of the system is done by a proven WIP system using WFI water to ensure proper cleaning between batches of production.
We can assure you that
· Quick turnaround time: 6-8 weeks before delivery
· Flexible range of powder production capacity
· Consistency between batches
· Scalable design control from small to large batches
· Manufactured without animal ingredients
· Large powder batches available (e.g. 2000+ kg)
· Custom formulations and packaging configurations are available on request
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